Times in Your Life Allergies Can Develop

Allergies Can Develop

Many people are not aware that you can develop allergies later in life. While the vast majority of allergies are diagnosed in childhood, there are some periods of your life in which allergies can develop. An allergy is simply the immune system deciding that the allergen is harmful to the body, even if it never recognized the threat in the past. Because of this, changes to your body’s chemistry over time can bring about new allergies, particularly seasonal allergies.

Allergies Can Develop


Pregnancy changes your body in a lot of ways, and those changes are reflected in how your immune system functions. It is quite normal for pregnant women to develop allergies while they are pregnant. The same things that cause an allergic reaction during pregnancy may be fine several months after the birth. However, some chemistry changes are permanent, and it is very normal to develop seasonal allergies during pregnancy that persist for years afterward.

Middle Age

During middle age, starting at about the age of 40 or 50, your body goes through additional changes. Your hormone levels change dramatically during these years, as do other bodily processes. Your immune system is also affected. While the exact number of middle aged adults who develop seasonal allergies is not known, it is a large percentage of those with allergies.

After Illness

If you have fought cancer or other serious illness, your immune system can be compromised. Anytime your immune system begins working differently you run the risk of developing allergies. Allergies developed during these times of illness are usually long lasting.

If you have symptoms of allergies even though you have never had an allergic reaction in the past, you should visit an allergist for proper diagnosis. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.