Food Allergies Specialist

At his practice, Kratz Allergy, Dr. Jaime Kratz has helped many patients who suffered from food allergies. Serving both Trinity and Port Richey, Florida, he’s widely regarded by residents of the two communities as one of the region’s leading doctors specializing in food allergies.

Food Allergies

What Are Food Allergies?

These allergies are allergic reactions to specific foods. Some of the most common include peanut, tree nut, shellfish, egg and dairy allergies.

When a patient with a food allergy eats food they’re allergic to; their immune system misidentifies the food as an invasive threat and tries to fight it. To try and rid the body of the perceived threat, the immune system may cause any number of allergy symptoms. These symptoms can be mild, such as a few hives, or severe, including anaphylactic shock.

How Are Food Allergies Diagnosed?

When diagnosing these allergies, allergists rely on information patients provide and tests. Because they’re making a diagnosis based partly on signs and symptoms that patients describe, it’s important for patients always to be as accurate and thorough in their accounts as possible. The most common tests used to diagnose these allergies are skin scratch tests and intradermal skin tests. If these aren’t conclusive, an allergist may suggest an elimination diet or additional testing.

What Treatments Are Available?

There are several different treatments for food allergies. For mild allergies, allergists may recommend over-the-counter medication or a prescription antihistamine. Severe allergies may call for complete avoidance of the food that causes an allergic reaction, and it also may be appropriate to keep an epinephrine pen on hand in case there is an accidental exposure to the food.

How Long Does a Food Allergy Appointment Take?

An appointment with an allergist to discuss possible food allergies takes about as long as a typical doctor’s appointment. Depending on the treatments prescribed, it may last a few minutes or part of a day. Patients are usually welcome to return home or go to the office once the appointment is over.