3 Ways Eczema Affects Your Childs Life

3 Ways Eczema Affects Your Childs Life

Eczema may just seem like an annoyance, but it affects many children each year. The ways that eczema affects your child may not be apparent at first. It is important that you seek treatment for your child’s eczema so that your child will be safe, healthy, and happy. Here are some of the ways that eczema affects your child’s life that you may not have considered.

Childs Life

Poor Grades

Many children with untreated eczema have poor grades in school. The itchiness and discomfort of the eczema rash can make them fidgety and distracted. This can cause them to act out in class and be disciplined for disrupting the class when really they just cannot sit still. It can also lead to them missing important information for assignments or failing to grasp new concepts.

Low Self-Esteem

Children can be just as self-conscious as adults, sometimes even more so. When your child has a rash in a prominent and visible place on their body, it can make them very self-conscious about their appearance. Children can often develop low self-esteem, believing that they are not worthy of friendship or fun because of their condition.

Skin Infections

If you are unable to keep your child from scratching at their eczema rash, it could lead to problematic skin infections. Children often do not do a good job of keeping their hands clean. And if they break open the skin while scratching at eczema, the risk of infection is increased. To keep your child healthy and happy, it is important that you keep eczema treated and at bay.

The cause of eczema isn’t always clear, although allergies can sometimes be the culprit. Whatever the cause of your child’s eczema, we can help. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment for your child.