Allergies Can Develop: Signs and Symptoms of Hay Fever

Signs and Symptoms of Hay Fever

You may have noticed some new symptoms this spring that seem like a spring cold, but doesn’t go away with rest or treatment. Many people are surprised to learn that you can develop allergies later in life. Even though you may have never had a problem with hay fever in the past, you could be suffering from this common spring allergy now. Here are some signs and symptoms of hay fever that could lead you to see an allergist.

Signs and Symptoms of Hay Fever


If you have hay fever, you will be very congested. The congestion will not be in your chest as with a cold, but it will be all nasal. You may also have a very runny nose, noticing a need to blow your nose more frequently than is normal even for a cold.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis refers to the allergic reaction that your eyes have to hay fever. Your eyes may become very itchy and red. You will also notice that they water frequently and profusely, especially when you are outdoors. Eye drops can help with the irritation.


You may have some itchiness of your eyes, nose, mouth, or even the back of your throat. Itchiness in the throat might cause you to feel as though you need to cough or sneeze frequently, even if no cough or sneeze is forthcoming. However, coughing and sneezing are also signs.

If you have these or other symptoms of hay fever, you should visit an allergist today for testing. Hay fever and other seasonal allergies are very easily treated once properly diagnosed. Rather than suffer with these symptoms unnecessarily, contact us today for an appointment and examination.