Types of Allergens that Can Be Treated with Allergy Shots

Types of Allergens that Can Be Treated with Allergy Shots

There isn’t a cure for allergies, but you can now get some long-term (or maybe permanent) relief. Allergy shots offer a way to build up an immunity to your allergies so that you only experience mild symptoms or none at all. However, allergy shots are not available to treat all types of allergies. The allergens below are the most common that cause allergic rhinitis or allergic asthma.

Treated with Allergy Shots


There are many different pollens that can cause allergic reactions. The most common tree pollens to cause allergies are oak and cedar. Ragweed is also a very common allergy, but any pollen can cause issues. Oak and ragweed pollens are very responsive to allergy shots.

Animal dander

Animal dander is another big trigger for allergic rhinitis or asthma. Most pets have dander, which is basically just skin flakes that work their way through the fur, out into the air, and on surfaces like carpets. As humans, we also shed skin flakes; but if you have an allergy to an animal, their dander can cause significant breathing problems.

Dust mites

What is dust, really? That film that settles on everything in your home over time contains more than just dirt. It also contains skin flakes, polluting particles from outdoors, and small organisms like dust mites. You can’t see dust mites, but many people are allergic to them. Often, the only way that you can combat this allergy is to keep your home very clean and use an air purification system, but allergy shots are also giving patients relief.


Mold is another very common allergy. There are many different types of mold, and some are more readily avoided than others. If mold counts are high or if you have mold present in your home, you should have some breathing reactions. Allergy shots are also very successful in treating mold allergies.

Of course, the first step to determining if your allergy would benefit from allergy shots is to confirm the allergy. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment for allergy testing.