Can Allergy Shots Bring You the Relief You Need?

Can Allergy Shots Bring You the Relief You Need

Can Allergy Shots Bring You the Relief You Need

We can all agree that allergies are frustrating, exhausting, and bothersome. They intrude on your daily life and minimize how much you can enjoy your favorite activities. Though allergies can’t often be “cured” like a disease, they can be prevented with the right medication. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired during allergy season, allergy shots can bring you relief.

First, Identify Your Allergies

Allergies come in many different variations, so you can’t begin to treat your symptoms until your allergy doctor can identify your specific allergen triggers. This is done using something called a “scratch test.” During a scratch test, your doctor places several small scratches on your arm or upper back. Small amounts of common allergens are placed on the scratched area. Your skin will become irritated, red, and itchy in the area where your specific trigger allergens are located. For example, your upper back might become red and itchy where pet dander was placed. Dust, pollen, and molds are the other most common allergens.

How Do Allergy Shots Eliminate Symptoms?

An allergy shot contains a very small amount of the allergen that triggers your allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and congestion. The shot is injected into the skin on your arm as frequently as once every week for the first seven months of your treatment. This is considered an immunotherapy because, much like the flu shot or other immunizations, it helps your body develop an immunity to your allergy trigger.

How Long Do You Need to Continue Getting Allergy Shots?

After the first seven months, you recieve your allergy shots once every two weeks, then once every four weeks. Most patients continue to receive allergy shots for three to five years, then switch to a “maintenance” dose that is far less frequent but continues to support the body’s resistance to allergens.

While the allergy shot treatment will not permanently cure your allergies, it will significantly diminish your symptoms and help you live your life to its fullest. If you’re ready to escape your worst allergy symptoms, especially as spring approaches, just call (727) 300-2560 to make an appointment at Kratz Allergy in Trinity and Port Richey, Florida. Dr. Jamie Kratz specializes in immunology and the treatment of allergies, so you can trust him to help you eliminate your allergy suffering.