Why Allergy Shots Are Our Most Effective Treatment Against Common Allergens

If you struggle with an allergy, you know that allergy symptoms can be disruptive to daily life. From sneezing, coughing, and other respiratory symptoms to skin irritation and even headaches and nausea, allergies can cause significant discomfort throughout the day. Allergy treatments can help ease this discomfort, with shots being the most effective option for common allergens. 

Allergy Shots

What Are Allergy Shots?

Allergy shots are a treatment used to target allergy symptoms. This treatment option has the potential to eliminate allergy symptoms for some patients and is often a long-term allergy solution. Additionally shots can be effective in stopping the progression of allergies in children. 

Also called allergen immunotherapy, allergy shots work by exposing the body to a very small amount of the allergen. With the controlled exposure, the allergic reaction becomes less severe and may go away completely. 

Allergy shots are administered over time. To start, patients may receive weekly shots, gradually scaling back to monthly shots as the allergy symptoms are reduced. By receiving allergy shots over time, your body will gradually build a tolerance to the allergen so that it no longer triggers an allergy attack.  

Who Should Consider Allergy Shots?

Many patients can benefit from shots. You may be a candidate for allergy shot treatment if you:

  • Are seeking a long-term solution to allergy symptoms
  • Have common allergies that can’t fully be avoided, such as dust mites and pollen
  • Experience allergy symptoms despite taking allergy medications
  • Get side effects from allergy medications
  • Are looking to reduce your use of allergy medications
  • Experience severe symptoms from certain allergy triggers
  • Experience allergy-induced asthma

At Kratz Allergy & Asthma, our experienced allergists can help determine if allergy shots are a good treatment option for you. Contact us today to learn more.