Where to Keep Epi Pens for Children

Epi Pens for Children

One of the scariest things that a parent can face is a child with severe allergies. You will always worry about whether or not your child is safe from their allergy, especially if it severe enough to require the use of an epi pen. One of the best ways that you can guard against this fear is by having epi pens for your child in all of the places that he or she will be.

 Epi Pens for Children

At School

It is important that your child have an epi pen at school, especially if it is a food allergy that they may be exposed to by other children. Most schools have policies about how epi pens and other medications are provided and stored at the school. Your child’s school nurse can give you the information and forms you need to leave an epi pen with them in their office.

On the Go

Your child should always have an epi pen with them. If you are going to be with the child, you might want to keep the epi pen in a diaper bag or in your purse. If the child will be with others, you may want to give the epi pen to the person in charge. Once your child is about the age of 10 they can be responsible for carrying their own epi pen in a backpack or purse.

At Home

Make sure that in your rush to provide epi pens to everyone who needs them that you don’t neglect your own home. You will want to make sure you have at least one epi pen on hand at home. Having more than one at home gives you a backup in case one is used or lost.

If your child has severe allergies, having an epi pen handy at all times is important. Many insurance companies will allow you to fill prescriptions for additional epi pens for children for these purposes. Please contact us today to get your child evaluated and ready for epi pens.