When Does Florida Allergy Season End?

When Does Florida Allergy Season End?

Are you new to Florida? Even if you’re a long-time Florida resident, if you have never dealt with allergies in the past you could be getting very frustrated. You hear about seasonal allergies all the time, and most parts of the country have the worst pollen counts in the spring. But in Florida things are a bit different. Because of the tropical climate, Floridians can expect to experience allergy symptoms for much longer than the average American.

Allergy Season

But when will the madness end? After all, you may have been experiencing allergy symptoms since February when pollens first start to fly in the area. Unfortunately, even though the temps are about to get a bit cooler, allergy season is still going to be around for a couple more months.

In fact, the average allergy season in Florida runs from February to November. You may not have symptoms that entire time, because the specific pollens and other allergens that trigger symptoms change with the months. Patients who are very sensitive to all types of pollens and molds are likely to have symptoms consistently almost the entire year.

With only a few months respite, patients with seasonal allergies should seek out treatment in the form of medication management. Contact us today to schedule your appointment so that we can help you address your chronic symptoms.