What You Can Do About Seasonal Allergies At Home

Seasonal Allergies At Home

Seasonal allergies are uncomfortable, annoying, and can get in the way of what you want to do this spring. While there are some allergy treatments available from your doctor, there are also some ways that you can cope with seasonal allergies at home.

Seasonal Allergies At Home

Monitor Pollen and Mold Counts

If your seasonal allergies are related to pollen or mold, you have an advantage in planning your activities. The weather services report the pollen and mold counts for the day, with projections showing throughout the week. You can use this information to plan your activities and outings accordingly. If you can reschedule an event on a high pollen day, do so. If you can’t reschedule, you’ll know to take other precautions.

Keep Everything Shut

It can be very tempting to open up the windows on your home and car during the perfect spring days. But opening up your home or car means that you are also letting in all of the allergens that are in the air. Instead of opening things up, go ahead and run the air conditioner a little early on warmer days, and run attic fans or box fans for air circulation.

Clean Up

If you do spend some time outdoors, make sure you take a shower, wash your hair, and change your clothing as soon as you can after you come inside. This will wash away the allergens you have been exposed to and remove them from your immediate environment. By doing so, you can minimize the allergy symptoms you have when you finish your outdoor activities.

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, contact us today for an appointment. We can give you additional insights and treatments to help you get through this spring unscathed and happy.