10 Uncommon Allergies

Uncommon Allergies

10 Uncommon Allergies

We all know about seasonal allergies, nut allergies, pet allergies, and other prevalent allergy types. However, there are countless uncommon allergies that you may never have thought about, including:

1. Coconut

Though rare, coconut allergy is possible. While coconut falls under the FDA’s classification of a tree nut for labeling purposes, it’s not actually a tree nut. So, most people with tree nut allergies can eat coconut without experiencing allergy symptoms. However, people with a coconut allergy may experience itchiness in the mouth and, in very rare cases, anaphylaxis. A coconut allergy may also cause a skin reaction with the use of soaps, lotions, and personal care products that contain coconut.  

2. Red Meat

Red meat is the second uncommon allergy on our list. An allergy to meats including pork, beef, and lamb is generally caused by a type of sugar called alpha-gal that’s found in red meat. In people with a red meat allergy, symptoms may not appear until three to six hours after exposure. 

3. Avocados

Beloved by many, avocados are an uncommon allergy trigger. Generally, avocado allergies are linked to latex allergies due to a similarity in their proteins. People with latex allergies are often warned of the potential for avocado allergies. 

4. Bananas

Banana allergies are fairly uncommon, impacting less than 1% of most of the world’s population. Symptoms of a banana allergy can include an itchy mouth and throat, swelling, wheezing, and hives. 

5. Dried Fruit

The sulfites found in most varieties of dried fruit can cause allergy symptoms, although it’s relatively rare. Sulfites are used to preserve a variety of different foods, including vinegar, processed meats, and even wines. 

6. Mango

Similar to avocado allergies, mango allergies are often connected to latex allergies. However, mangoes contain other allergens that may trigger symptoms in people who are allergic to apples, celery, pears, cashews, and pistachios, among other foods. 

7. Sesame Seeds

While nut allergies are very common, sesame seed allergies are rare. However, sesame seeds allergies have the potential to cause severe allergic reactions and must be treated accordingly. 

8. Citrus Fruits

Allergies to citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes are uncommon but possible. People with citrus allergies may experience only mild symptoms, although anaphylaxis is possible. 

9. Corn

Corn allergies are fairly uncommon. However, corn allergies can cause severe symptoms. People with corn allergies need to avoid all forms of corn, including corn found in flour and syrup form. 

10. Marshmallows

Marshmallow allergies are generally triggered by gelatin. Though uncommon, some people are allergic to gelatin, which is also found in various types of candy and even frosted cereal. 

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