What Allergy Shots Are and How They Work

If you have been suffering from allergies for most of your life, you may be interested in what many people are calling allergy shots. These allergy shots are supposed to limit or eliminate your allergy, depending on who you talk to. In reality, allergy shots can help reduce allergic reactions to some allergens, but they aren’t necessarily the miracle that some say. Here’s what you need to know about what allergy shots really are and how they work.

What Allergy Shots Are

What Allergy Shots Are

Allergy shots are actually injections that contain a bit of the allergen that you are attempting to eliminate. Your allergist will formulate the injection based on the severity of your allergy and your effective course of treatment. The allergy shots contain a very small amount of the allergen at first, with the dose increasing over time. 

Important Note

You could very well have an allergic reaction while you are getting allergy shots. Most allergists will require that you carry an epi pen with you at all times while you are undergoing this therapy. It is most effective for children, although adults can also benefit from allergy shots.

How and Why They Work

Allergy shots are based on the basic principle that the body’s immune system can be trained. We know this because vaccines allow our immune systems to fight off the virus if you ever come into contact with it. Allergy shots work in much the same way. As your body is exposed to the allergen, the immune system learns that there is no need to attack, and the allergic reactions decrease in severity and frequency. 

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