Tips For Celebrating Safely With Food Allergies

Celebrating Safely Tips For Celebrating Safely With Food Allergies

Whether it’s the Fourth of July or your birthday, celebrating important occasions with food is a tradition as old as time. After all, what is Thanksgiving without the turkey, or Valentine’s Day without the chocolate?

While there’s no doubt that celebrating with food is fun, it isn’t so simply for people with food allergies. Whether you’re allergic to tree nuts, milk, gluten, or anything in between, eating at holiday parties can feel less like a celebration and more like a minefield. Use these tips to indulge safely at any occasion.

RSVP With Detail

It is any host’s goal to help her guests enjoy the perfect party experience. RSVP early and include details of your food allergy. Be polite, not demanding, and explain that you simply want to make sure you don’t put yourself in harm’s way with a delicious snack that is actually an unexpected food allergy trigger.

If you feel comfortable doing so, it’s even a good idea to extend your RSVP into a full conversation with your host. Approach the conversation as your way to educate and help the party host, not insult and judge her. She’s likely to feel appreciative that you helped her create the safest and most enjoyable environment for people with food allergies at her party.

Bring Your Own

When in doubt, bring your own party treats. This is a guaranteed way to eat food you love and trust, and it comes with the added bonus of saving your host some trouble. Consider bringing portions big enough to share, since your snacks will probably be major conversation starters. The more you can share about food allergies, the better!

Remember Basic Safety Tips

It’s easy to get caught up the commotion of a celebration, but remembering your basic food allergy safety tips could make all the difference:

  • Wash your hands before and after eating or handling food
  • Read the labels of all food ingredients
  • Make a plate for you (or your child!) before the meal is served to avoid cross-contamination
  • Keep all unsafe foods out of reach of young children with allergies

Above all else, make sure you get the help you need from an experienced allergist. Dr. Jaime Kratz of Kratz Allergy & Asthma in Odessa and Port Richey, Florida, specializes in adult and pediatric allergies to help his patients live their best and most rewarding lives. Call (813) 670-7062 to learn more today.