Your Spring Allergies Survival Guide

Your Spring Allergies Survival Guide

Your Spring Allergies Survival Guide

Though it’s still winter, the cool weather doesn’t last long in Florida. Before you blink, spring weather will return and bring allergy triggers along with it. If you don’t want to spend your entire spring season hiding inside and watching the pollen count on your iPhone, use this allergies survival guide to minimize your symptoms and fearlessly enjoy the great outdoors.

Safeguard Your Home

Though the majority of your spring allergy triggers live outside, there are many ways they can sneak inside without noticing. By making a few simple changes to your home, you can avoid contamination and keep the interior of your home an allergy-free zone. First, do not use a doormat made of natural materials like rope or other fibers. These types of doormats can actually break down and make the perfect home for mites, mold, and fungus that get tracked into your home.

The solution? Use synthetic entry mats and wash them weekly to remove any potential culprits. It also helps to keep all footwear on a rack by the door so that shoes don’t unnecessarily track in other allergen sources. While you’re at it, identify your home’s other “hotspots” that have the potential to collect allergens and set off your sneezing and sniffling. Fabric-covered furniture, pillows, and warm, damp spaces are commonly problematic. Do some spring cleaning by washing all linens and fabrics and using a dehumidifier.  

Go Outdoors at Strategic Hours

Since most plants pollinate between 5 and 9 in the morning, pollen counts are usually highest at those hours. Wind just adds to the problem! Before you head outside, consider the time and weather. If you can save your jog for late morning or afternoon, your allergies may remain calmer. Whenever you do go outside, consider protecting yourself from pollen by wearing a mask with a high-quality filter, like a painter’s mask.  

Visit Your Allergist

You don’t need to suffer through your allergies without professional help! An allergist can use a skin scratch test or intradermal skin test to diagnose your exact allergies and recommend the best treatment to reduce your symptoms and help you feel better. Allergy shots are a popular solution that keep unpleasant symptoms under control. By working with your allergist, you can determine your exact allergy triggers so that you know how to avoid those allergens!

Dr. Jaime Kratz is a leading allergist in the Port Richey and Trinity, Florida areas. His team at Kratz Allergy specializes in helping patients manage allergies and reduce symptoms. Before spring hits in full force, call (727) 300-2560 to make your appointment.