Could Your Pet Be Contributing to Your Child’s Eczema?

Child's Eczema

Your Child’s Eczema

It’s common to experience dry and itchy skin, especially during the winter months, but eczema is a skin condition on an entirely different level. Eczema presents itself in the form of red, scaly, and patchy skin that can even bleed and crust over in serious cases. It can impact anyone at any age, but children are the most common sufferers of eczema.

While eczema occurs when the skin lacks its normal fats and oils, there are many different triggers that can lead to the condition showing on the skin. Some parents have noticed that their child’s eczema seems correlated to the pets in their home. Is it possible that a pet allergy could be the culprit of your own son’s or daughter’s eczema?

Pet Dander, the Trouble Maker

Many allergies can be traced back to pet allergens like pet dander. Dander is like the animal form of dandruff, so it can be very easily spread, attached to clothing, and inhaled. Allergens such as dander are known to trigger eczema flare-ups. If you have tried managing your child’s eczema in a multitude of ways without any luck, pet dander could be a leading factor.

How to Manage Eczema With a Household Pet

First a foremost, be sure to moisturize your child’s skin based on the type of eczema he displays. Itchy eczema appears in red, itchy, and flaky patches as a sign that the skin barrier is lacking moisture, so a deep moisturizing treatment using natural ingredients is best. Red weeping eczema, meanwhile, can be identified by inflamed, red, and sensitive skin. This requires a healing lotion treatment that prevents further infection. The last form of eczema, scaly eczema, makes the skin look like “crocodile skin.” It needs lotion filled with nourishing ingredients like Manuka oil to reverse the damage.

You can also explore at-home treatments like freeze-dried stinging nettle pills and homeopathic remedies.  Of course, thoroughly and regularly cleaning your dog’s bedding and favorite furniture can reduce the spread of dander and decrease the chances of your child’s eczema flaring up. Bathe your pet regularly and use an air purification unit to filter away allergens.

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