How to Treat Your Urticaria and Hives

Urticaria How to Treat Your Urticaria and Hives

Hives, also known as urticaria, is a condition that triggers itchy patches of skin that turn into swollen red welts. You may only experience this issue once or twice, or it may develop into a chronic condition. Either way, an allergist can help you determine the root cause of your hives and recommend a lasting treatment to preserve your comfort and health.

What Are Hives?

Hives are a type of skin reaction. They usually appear as red, itchy welts that range in size. You know you are experiencing hives based on the following symptoms:

  • Red welts that appear anywhere on the body
  • Welts that change in size and shape
  • Itching that is often severe
  • Painful swelling of the lips, eyelids, and inside of the throat
  • Hives that flare with triggers like heat, stress, and exercise

Why Do Hives Form?

Hives develop most often as a result of allergies. No one specific type of allergy leads to hives, and urticaria has been associated with allergies to food, bug bites, latex, and medications.

In addition, infections and immunodeficiencies are are linked to hives. Hives that occur and disappear rapidly are easier to diagnose, while chronic and long lasting hives are more difficult to interpret.

What Are Treatment Options for Urticaria Hives?

Antihistamines can effectively treat the symptoms of hives and help you feel more comfortable, but they do not address the root cause of urticaria. In order to uncover the trigger of your hives and minimize them in the future, you need to worth with an allergist and immunologist to identify the true causes.

Your doctor should carefully consider your lifestyle habits, medical history, and dietary choices to confirm the underlying cause of your hives. In many cases, lifestyle changes and healthier eating habits can prevent rashes entirely.

Anyone who has multiple episodes of hives/urticaria should visit an allergist like Dr. Kratz or search for business specials, especially if the hives manifest in the mouth or throat. The team at Kratz Allergy and Asthma specialize in adult and pediatric allergy care, as well as immunology. Call (813) 670-7062 to schedule your appointment in Odessa or Port Richey today.